Sunday, April 5, 2009

Enjoy Sushi With An Eco-Conscience

For those of you dying of guilt each time you pop up your fave sushi, fear no more. Time has come to eat your fish a little more responsibly. Montery Bay Aquarium and the Blue Ocean Institute along with Environmental Defense Fund have come up with a cool and helpful sushi card that you an carry in your wallet with your sustainable seafood card. This card will be available from 22nd October and will carry information on the shushi to be avoided.

Yep, there are three guides being released and that indeed will be some treat for all you sushi lovers out there. But hey there are a few common favourites that are mentioned in the to-be-avoided list like bluefin tuna and yellow fin tuna. By the way, farmed shrip, freshwater eel and farmed salmon are also to be kept away from. Good news is, wild salmon and shrimp have got the green signal.

The cards will be launched at the only sustainable sushi bar in the US, Tataki Sushi and Saki Bar in San Francisco. The idea behind is to have customers question sushi bar owners on the fish used to make the delicavyand then make an informed choice.

So, go splurge on those delectable sushi options, that have Pacific halibut, albacore tuna, striped bass, arctic char, bay scallops, imitation crab etc., with a clear Eco-conscience! Via



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