Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eco-friendly toilets

Sven Ingvar-Nilsson, a 77-year old Swedish man–farmer by nature doesn’t only want to keep his piece of land fertile but is making efforts to maintain the green beauty of the world. As a result he has started a company that sells dry toilets. The very functioning of the Eco-friendly dry toilets helps in the flow of the urine and the solid waste in separate tunnels, thereby converting human waste into manure for farms. Till date, around 2,000 dry toilets has been sold and its whooping demand assures a definite decrease (may be by a per cent) in the growing black spots on our environment. Certainly, you must carry this device at your home without raising eyebrows.

These technological advancements are happening at the personal front but what about public places that define our country and at the same time gives the transparent image of our height of shabbiness. Without a single look to right or left, today generation think public places viz. railways, roads, platforms, pedestrians as their private property and take some time across the corner to relieve. Considering this shameless attitude of the citizens, the Railway sector is quite cautious to bring down such happenings by providing Eco-friendly toilets with septic tanks at stations and in trains. With the use of this “biotech” project, the the Railway Research and Design and Standard Organisation (RDSO) in collaboration with Microphor of the United States and Aikon Technology of India is hopeful that it is the hygiene way to do away with the biological wastes. The tanks use the bacteria that convert wastes into a harmless and odourless liquid. Initially, such toilets are accessible in AS-2 coach of the Delhi- Allahabad Prayagraj Express since 17 May. Presently, the pilot project is carried in one of the 25 coaches of the Prayagraj Express.
Having announced 2007 as “Clean Railway Year”, the Railway Minister Lalu Prasad has plans to provide Eco-friendly coaches along with modern toilets on the line of airlines.

Via DNA India/ Zdnet

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