Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smart Edi10on: A Smart Urban Commuter for Cleaner Roads

Smart is one company that is relatively new in the world of Eco automobiles and is only now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Now that is a very young age for a car making company and it is almost akin to an infant still in his first year. Then how is that Smart Eco is this awesome and fancy with its work and so confident about its market? For those still wondering and smart Eco is a joint venture of Swatch and Mercedes. That is quite simply a phenomenal combination and ensures that there is neither in shortage of funds or skill or even technical support.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary Swatch has released a Limited Edition Eco car that it quite aptly calls the Smart Eco Edi10n and the car is a perfect urban commuter in every sense of the world. Style and Eco automobile finesse aside and Smart is a diesel-powered vehicle for two. Before you even shout about how it still spills out fumes and is not good for the planet. This saves on space, energy while engineering the car and putting it together, fuel consumption and costs.

With most urban commuters using Eco cars either all on there own or just for a couple and it is time every carmaker starting making this ’smart’ choice. While it might not be appealing for all and it does its job to perfection and saves the roads from plenty of messy jams and fumes. The rest of the Eco car is simple impeccable with world-class interiors are the top-notch styling and great Eco design. It comes with the 0.8-cdi engines or the 1.0-liter 84hp gasoline engine and is priced at €16,850 - €19,790. Via


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mazda KIYORA ECO Concept

Water is indeed inspirational and one trip to the beach will surely inspire you to follow the waves and while Mazda Eco concept have tried to emulate the wind and sand in car designs earlier and their attempt at giving solid shape to water seems to have come off much better. The KIYORA Eco Concept of Mazda is a futuristic Eco car that is inspired by water and one look at the car clears any further doubts on that and design of the Eco car along with the pattern on the glass are mesmerizing.

And this KIYORA Eco concept design and next-generation four-cylinder direct-injection engine contributes to excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. The new Mazda KIYORA Eco concept car is based on an all-new platform designed to minimize weight and maximize safety and driving pleasure.

It also features an interior design and new functions that support a youthful lifestyle and it seems that this clean Eco car from Mazda with better efficiency and cleaner exhaust will really steal the show when the Paris Motor Show Kicks off. Via


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eco Xylophone Bin: Recycle waste with a touch of sensuous music!

If you want your young kid to pick up the habit of recycling early or if you intend to add a touch of classy musical feel to your trash bin and then this is perfect for you. It is not very often that one gets to see an Eco concept that looks good and also does well for the Eco planet. The Eco Xylophone Bin is one such rare Eco concept which we would like to have ourselves and enjoy some beautiful notes every time we put the waste back where it belongs.

“Xylophone Bin” is an amazing Eco creation by Dominic Wilcox designed for Danish Company VIPP charity auction Eco event held in New York. The bin has crafted wooden stairs around it that go from longer to shorter. When you open the lid and an Eco metal ball is released on to the steps and goes bouncing down the steps to create a symphony of sound. It goes from the high note to the low note and probably this will encourage your young one to put trash where it belongs more often and this truly is one Eco gadget that is a delight to the senses.

When the pedal is pressed the lid opens, releasing a ball that travels down a spiral set of xylophone steps around the bin. Each time the ball hits a step, a note is played. The xylophone steps are cut in increasing lengths so that the note gets lower as the ball travels to the bottom.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toshiba High on Methanol Powered Eco Fuel Cells

We had been hearing of it unofficially for some time now, but finally Toshiba has come out with the actual schedule of the Eco fuel cell-powered mobile devices. Releasing in March 2009, the new mobile Eco devices will be equipped with a methanol Eco fuel cell that gets charged with a dedicated cartridge. However, there will be a second built-in-Li-ion battery that will provide a strong back up.

Hear the cartridge can make space for around 50 ml of 99 per cent methanol which can charge a Eco mobile phone 10 times. Priced at 700 yen, the cartridge has already become hot property but Toshiba is planning to reduce the cost price further down to 100 yen. A wise move as it will increase saleability manifolds.

The big Toshiba plan is to use these Eco fuel cells in DIGI cams, LAPPY etc as well and the best part is a cartridge being designed will be of a single type and will be compatible with many Eco devices. Via


Monday, May 18, 2009

Sporting Green: Garden House with Mini Golf on the Roof!

This is one house that I would really love to own as it seems to combine two of my passions with elegant ease. The Garden House is a perfect combination of green environment with sports and when I say I mean a lot more than the boring indoor sports. The Garden House has a roof that is covered by a green blanket and it is not just for the look of it. The green top acts as a mini-golf course and you can have loads of fun and fine tune your shots and angles on your own terrace now.

Designed by ADD+ architecture and the Garden House is a good example of designer houses. The project is designed to be located in the city of IGULADA while overlooking the overall landscape. The big glasses all over the house ensure that the house does not have dearth of light and air. The house overall is supported on steel tubes and is quite strong in holding the whole house. Also the interiors are done very aesthetically with wooden flooring taking the overall feel to a new level.

The house is designed to be a beautiful green home and while I really like sports beyond golf and would probably prefer a soccer pitch on top of my roof, I’m pretty sure the folks at ADD + architecture would manage to do that with ease. The house is an example of how green architecture can still produce super cool homes with innovative new concepts that are fun and useful. Via


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ride 50 Miles Over Dynamic Solar Bike

It’s time to see young and innovative minds approaching the world with their fresh and youthful initiatives. Now lately in the turf of solar powered vehicles a further name, which is going to be impressed, is of University of Iowa Solar Club as the students of university has remarkably instigated an energy efficient solar bike on the roads.

This Eco friendly pollution free bike designed by a collegiate group comprising ten to twenty students can actually revolutionize the whole world of city bikes as of its superb green eminence. The only disheartening facet of this bike is its slow and sluggish speed which comes up to be somewhere around 50 mph only. In today’s viable and hasty world such a lethargic vehicle would not be able to survive for a long time until or unless some relevant perfection is attained in its speed front.

Under the headship of Daniel Rogge, an industrial engineer and the group deems to achieve the target speed of 62 mph in imminent future. Although this newly commenced solar innovation exhibited in yellow color appears to be a weird creation yet it would be barely defied by anyone in this young and modernized horde. Via


Saturday, May 9, 2009

German Perfection: Green living takes over in the Land of BMW and Mercedes

Germany is a country that has vividly stamped a class of its own in the international arena with what the world considers as the unending quest for perfection. Germans are known to be hard taskmasters who strive for that final millisecond and that last millimeter of perfect design, form and function and it is something that comes up with German athletes I mean Eco German technology and of course the ever green German beer. From that perfect lap of magic by Michael Schumacher to the precision of the Mercedes- it is all about power with grace and accuracy.

But Germany has been a land that has been changing away from the technology to the green technology which saves both on oil and emissions. The home of the Mercedes, BMW (even though British) and Volkswagen is moving from oil-guzzling technology to windmills, green gadgets and electric vehicles. Germany is already the single largest producer and market for Solar Energy in the world.

To add to that Germany has recently taken to wind energy and now 7% of the country’s total power is produced by windmills and driven by those gusty flutters of the blade. It seems that the Germans are driven to even eek out perfection out of the renewable energy sources and that once again is a welcome sight. Via

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Friday, May 1, 2009

In Germany comes a wind farm to produce hydrogen

There is great turmoil in Germany as regards energy Eco Concept renovated. In Berlin was presented a project for the construction of a wind farm to produce hydrogen electricity that will become operational in two years and for the implementation is expected to cost around two million euros.

The objective in the near future is to sell hydrogen in the city and to achieve this goal we are working on two lines project is a service station to be built on the spot and a means to accumulate the hydrogen produced and transported to Berlin to the various distributors. The hydrogen made from clean energy such as wind power is an element on which the city of Berlin and Germany in general are working in alternative energies.

In the German city already circulating 14 hydrogen-powered buses and the objective is to bring the bus fleet to 40 cars more in the coming years.

At the time the problems associated with the development of this political economy is tied to the cost of the energy carrier and as well as the presence of non-capillary service stations and distribute it to a policy of incentives and choices it really favors.

Throughout Germany there are about 21 stations that distribute hydrogen, made from industrial waste, but other stations is achieved in part by renewable energy and partly by gas resources. In Germany the policy of dissemination of hydrogen are quite serious and major car makers, including BMW, especially, watching with interest the evolution of the situation?

It provides in the coming years, availability of funds for pilot projects aimed at producing hydrogen from green energy of 1.4 billion euros for half coming from public funds and half by industry funding.

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