Saturday, March 28, 2009

Powerwise: A Table with Power

The Powerwise, a table that keeps eight electrical outlets, is a one-stop charging station for your iPods, cameras, cell phones, mp3 players, and other hand-held electrical devices. It is designed by Swedish based designers Johanna Strand and Asa Elmstam. The chargers may remain in place in their outlets all the time. The electricity that powers the entire table can be turned via the red switch. You can then pull the plug and wind up the cord into the table leg designated as cord compartment. When the green cord pulls back into the leg, energy consumption is reduced.

The whole idea behind the design is to give convenience to users who have their electrical and electronic devices constantly charged. This table gives the residents of the home a central charging station that will eliminate the possibility of several individual chargers being forgotten to be pulled out from sockets after use, making them fire hazard.

The Powerwise is still a functional and decorative table as it is. Only, it is a powered table that hides convenient internal electrical outlets that have their own on-off switches. Chargers can remain plugged in even when not in use under the lid or table top. This is truly a wise design to manage the flow and use of power. Via

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