Monday, March 30, 2009

Cluster Housing: Cool and Affordable

Enter Architecture of Sydney presently designs housing prototypes whose main consideration is alleviating extreme temperatures. The main principle behind the innovative design layout is for air to flow freely – longitudinally and laterally. The user can customize the many openings in the panels. There are even ways to configure the facade for full sun protection. The “air layer” model, found on external surfaces, can expel the sun’s direct heat off the surfaces. The user, then, enjoys thermal comfort.

This cluster housing will use curved metal profiles and formed plywood panels, all lightweight materials that are easy to transport and assemble. The user has ease and convenience of use and application, with the benefit of a strong architectural design whose model can very well be a practical solution for many other places in the world. The first of this cluster housing site, the Redfern scheme that addresses low income housing challenges in the poor inner-city suburb of Redfern in Sydney, will rise towards the end of November. Enter Architecture will be working on a similar scheme for a remote housing cluster in Western Australia, as well as in the Emirates. The architectural objective is to introduce design innovation while trying to preserve the old traditional aesthetic.



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