Friday, July 3, 2009

An Eccentric 3-Axis Eco Robotic Lamp

This weird are somewhat like flower shaped inimitable contrivance featured here is nothing but an adaptable Eco lamp model freshly projected by a pioneering designer named Chris NATT and this is actuality a form changing are intriguing lantern which is knocked with distinctive robotic traits.

Taking into contemplation the prevailing ambient light conditions this three-axis geared Eco lamp marked Stimuli 3.0 would automatically tune the lighting intensity. Moreover if ganged up with little energy efficient LEDs the intact mechanism may perhaps be twisted out into a pretty energy saving concept too.

This exceptionally designed lamp archetype would certainly entertain as well as poser its audience as and when it will alter its shape. Subsequently this peculiar lightening artifact if devoid of disquieting sounds and bangs and tagged with a contemptible price would unquestionably thumps on the market place in coming days.Via