Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HYmotion3: The Latest Hybrid Compressor Concept From Peugeot

Worried about getting wet in the rain or tanned in the sun while driving a 2-wheeler? Peugeot brings forward a three mode scooter that will drive these fears away. Taking its brainwave from the earlier BMW C1, it appears like a hybrid between an electric scooter and a car. This vehicle comes with 3 wheels and an overhanging bubble shaped roof that will protect the drivers from sun, shower and storm.

HYmotion 3 can function on a 3kW electric motor when driving on city roads or on a 15kW petrol engine when using an open road or both. The blend of the 3-wheel outline with regenerative breaking system and ABS offers this urban scooter a shorter breaking distance (30% less compared to conventional 2 wheeler), which is an indispensable obligation for driving on the packed city roads. The breaking system also charges the Lithium Ion batteries needed to run the electric motor. This attractive futuristic vehicle will combine safety and eco-friendly benefits tagged with an efficiency of a two wheeler in an urban set-up.

Peugeot being one of the best scooter makers in the world, HYmotion3 which is just a concept now will take shape soon. This car-bike hybrid design will rock the automobile world on its release and will also benefit the environment. Via

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