Friday, July 3, 2009

An Eccentric 3-Axis Eco Robotic Lamp

This weird are somewhat like flower shaped inimitable contrivance featured here is nothing but an adaptable Eco lamp model freshly projected by a pioneering designer named Chris NATT and this is actuality a form changing are intriguing lantern which is knocked with distinctive robotic traits.

Taking into contemplation the prevailing ambient light conditions this three-axis geared Eco lamp marked Stimuli 3.0 would automatically tune the lighting intensity. Moreover if ganged up with little energy efficient LEDs the intact mechanism may perhaps be twisted out into a pretty energy saving concept too.

This exceptionally designed lamp archetype would certainly entertain as well as poser its audience as and when it will alter its shape. Subsequently this peculiar lightening artifact if devoid of disquieting sounds and bangs and tagged with a contemptible price would unquestionably thumps on the market place in coming days.Via


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eco-Gold: Olympic Village Bestowed with LEED Award!

China is on top of the medal tally at the Beijing Olympics and it seems that it intends to stay there by the time the flame starts its journey to London. Irrespective of who finish on top of the tally with the highest number of gold and China has bagged a golden honor with the way it has built and maintained its Olympic Village. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson presented Chinese officials with a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold award for the 2008 Olympic village and that is one ‘Olympic Gold’ that China can only claim to have!

This is indeed being dubbed as the ‘Green Olympics’ and ironically so as Beijing is one of the world most polluted cities before the games started and there was a frantic effort to clean things up. While the Olympic Village is a segment of the celebrated athletic event’s environmentally-friendly planning and that is a major goal for the Olympic Village Eco environment was that its practices and techniques would also serve as a model for future development in China.

Currently housing 16,000 Olympic athletes, the 160-acre site contains 42 residential buildings ranging between six- and seven community centers, three commercial and retail buildings, a health center, library, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and a kindergarten. Using high levels of insulation, energy efficient windows and a system that collects and re-uses rainwater for heating and cooling and these buildings are 50 percent more energy efficient than most other buildings in Beijing.

The apartments are also partially powered by solar energy and use grey water to flush toilets and vegetated green roofs make up more than 60 percent of the impervious surface on rooftops and 95 percent of parking was constructed underground are freeing up area for open green space as well as a network of pedestrian and bicycle pathways. What is nice to know is that the village is being used as a model for future villages in China and for that reason alone the LEED accolade is well deserved. Via


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Distinctively Designed Green Bikinis

By and large when anyone chats about bikinis or trunks and that we straight away visualize a super hot sculpt putting on a chic swimsuit. It is here only when one correlates the eco world with green bikinis and in disparity to the persistent outlook is a novel green collection of swimming costumes has been launched at NIKSTERS which would be finished through naturally obtainable soy are bamboo and organic cotton etc. And this vibrant and lively set of swimwear would be accessorized too by means of indigenous bits and pieces like shells and coconuts.

Only cast-off or recycled resources would be utilized for covering and wrapping of these swim wears and 5% of their gross sales would be donated to various aid organizations and charitable trusts which indeed is a milieu friendly and human friendly tread as well. These artistically designed purposeful eco bikinis prepared from innate threads and fibers would optimistically endorse a vigorous, green and healthy way of living. Via


Friday, June 12, 2009

Eco Green Cycler: Ingenious Waste Food Therapy

In one way or another we all ought to be conscious of the verity that the oodles of food items which are getting wasted today would actually roll out to be a giant impasse for us in imminent future. Subsequently in order to isolate generations from this grim trouble an Eco canvasser named Sang HOON Lee has come out with a most up-to-date technique identified as “Green Cycler.” By means of this ambiance friendly modernism, we can essentially confer an amazing green treatment to spoiled and misused foodstuff since this instigated Eco mechanism would effectively putrefy frittered away food into valuable fertilizer for the plants.

This structure is aptly named as Green Cycler as it would help purge out the exasperating spoiled food stink away from the surrounds. Likewise it would be of splendid support in rapid growth of plant as of the nutrients offered to it by the decomposed food turned stimulant matter. Besides this the plant’s “going to be ready status” in this Green Cycler is exhibited by a downward going light beam.

Hence, undeniably this green concept would authentically sort out the food waste dilemma in a very short cross of time. Via


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eco News: Pacific Island countries

The Pacific Island countries now have the support of the United Nations and Samoa Plan and the two bodies have come together with an Inter-agency ECO Climate Change Centre that will help the Pacific Island countries to fight ECO global warming. To appreciate the effort and Secretary General Ban KI-moon said, “I am glad that we are taking matters in our hands. Climate change is not science fiction. It is real and needs our attention.”

Reports suggest that there has been a rise in sea level in the Pacific Island region and this is not very good news for the hundreds of people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods. A change in sea ECO temperature can alter the temperature of aquatic species that people eat. For example the warmer ECO waters can harm the rate of metabolism, growth, reproduction and immunity in shell fish. Via


Friday, June 5, 2009

Turtles Breathe a Sigh of Relief with New Eco Fishing Tech

WWF has found that a new fish technology is proving to save turtles while not affecting eco fish catches. Simply changing from the conventional Just hook to circular hooks has been helpful in releasing turtles accidentally hooked.

MOISES Mug from WWF said that using circular hooks is the right choice as it does not even hamper the economy of artisan fisheries.

Reports suggest that the alternate Eco fishing method has brought about a significant trend in by catch reduction and where marine turtle by catch has been reduced by 89% per thousand hooks.

It was quite a relief to find that ninety-Live per cent of turtles caught while fishing were recovered alive and the fishing ability of the circle hook was as good as the J-shaped.
Indeed a strong example to show how conservation and industry can work hand in hand for a better and greener life.

“Our goal is to reduce the incidental catch of marine turtles from the long-line fishing operations without affecting the fisheries activity which is a main source of food and income for local communities,”

“This programme is going beyond an initial focus of saving sea turtles from bycatch, and is creating the groundwork toward sustainable artisanal long-line fishing in the eastern Pacific,”

“By working co-operatively, collecting data and learning how to improve practices, this programme is living proof that conservation and industry can work together for sustainability.” Via


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Newly Exhibited Water Conserving Eco Dish Washer

Eco Water paucity is the most imperative consternation for us amongst all the sparse naturally available resources on our earth. So if in today’s epoch somebody comes up with an initiative to conserve water and energy then he would truly earn a comprehensive admiration around the world. In view of that a designer named Toby Fox has proposed an innovative scheme called ‘Water Efficient Washing up Unit’ for cleansing up dishes and utensils. As the name signifies this intact entity is meant for unraveling our critical water crisis.

As far as the edifice of this Eco dish washing piece is concerned the designer has put in just plain and simple ideas to design this magnificent energy and resource saving part of a set. Composed of two parts this valuable unit would reserve water desired for dishing up in one part while the other part performing as cleaning handle would warm up the water to generate steam out of it. This Eco steam would be in turn Eco projected for washing out articles once they have gone through detergent washing off.

And the whole cleansing course of action would be concluded very swiftly thereby speeding up the entire process. Hence this arrangement positively embraces all the Eco-friendly aspects looked-for in current scenario since in addition to premium water saving this unit ensues time saving as well. Via