Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Green Museum for Kids!

Certified in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is the very first ‘green’ museum to be found in New York. It focuses on environmental education and consciousness for children, as much as loads of fun for kids while they are in the process of discovery and thought. Here, kids learn about the environment in many innovative ways, and through interesting methods and strategies of presentation. Since many exhibitions are interactive, a trip to the museum is a guaranteed fun day for the whole family.

True to its mission of environmental consciousness and best practices, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is a ‘green’ structure in itself, quite expectedly. The museum is a bastion of conservation: efficient energy use is practiced in terms of efficient lighting and temperature-control. The museum is an innovation that follows the latest trend in ‘green’ buildings. It boasts of a good percentage of its needed electrical power converted from its solar cells. The heating and cooling levels inside the museum are regulated by sensors that ‘feel’ the volume of people inside. There are also separate sensors that detect the amount of artificial light that is just necessary. Even the ventilation system has its own sensors that detect the CO2 level and, consequently, dictate the amount of oxygen that needs to be replenished inside. All in all, the museum is a child-friendly environment.

Brooklyn Children's Museum sample activity the museum building is a showcase of sustainable construction, with its many components that come from recycled materials. In turn, these materials, such as bamboo, cork, rubber, and linoleum, are easily replaceable. Definitely, the museum is a showcase of what being Eco-friendly is all about and what better clients to have than the ones that will continue the future generations on the crucial idea of taking responsibility for environmental protection. Via

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