Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009 Pininfarina B0 Electric Car

The Pininfarina B0 (pronounced B Zero) is a tribute to the legacy of Andrea Pininfarina (1957-2008) who believed that ‘designing and building cars is not only a business choice but a social responsibility.’ The B0 is clearly the solution for a pollution-free world, as was envisioned by its creator. This electric car of sheer styling is a collaboration born out of the partnership between Bollore and Pininfarina. The four-seater, four-door hatchback with an automatic gearbox is being built in Turin and will be powered by Bollore’s LMP technology, using the LMP battery that is rechargeable over a few hours only through a standard domestic main socket.

The car is a mass production model. The initial units will roll off by the end of 2009. The fully-electric vehicle will not produce any CO2 emission because of its use of the LMP revolutionary battery technology. It is No exhaust gases or particulates from this car. For the past 15 years, Bollore has been developing a solid-state lithium polymer battery that does not need any maintenance and has a lifespan of approximately 200,000 km (125,000 miles).

The B0 also runs on super capacitors that enhance acceleration and recycling power. These super capacitors make it possible for the car to store and recycle the energy that is generated while braking. High-performance solar panels, found on the car’s roof and part of its hood, augment the power needed for some of the car’s equipment. All the materials entailed for use in the creation of this vehicle are recyclable. Via

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