Sunday, March 29, 2009

AlertMe Smart Plug: Computer-Programmed Energy Watch via an Electrical Plug

Via a computer program, this electrical plug monitors energy use and cuts off electricity remotely. The “Smart Plug,” a new product from the energy line of British company Alert Me, does more than just conduct electricity. The Smart Plug that you insert into an electrical socket automatically connects to the Alert Me Hub, where the Smart Plug now acts as wireless broadband and GPRS connection. Through a website on your computer or handset, you can, then, view the electrical outlet’s energy usage statistical data.

The web interface can also let you remotely cut the power off in that particular outlet where the Smart Plug is connected. It can also program a schedule system for you as to what specific time you want the power to be cut off. According to Alert Me, the Smart Plug can save as much as 20 percent of your power consumption.

The product set containing the Smart Plug and the Security package where the Alert Me Hub is found costs $350 and will be available in November. Alert Me will also release soon its line of electricity meter and heater. Via

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