Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dubai Uncovers Jumeira Gardens: An Amazing Green City

Wondering where this stunning futuristic monument is situated? Well, this is just the design of one of the unalterable structures belonging to the triad of 1 Dubai, Park Gate and Park Avenue, of the Jumeira Gardens of Dubai. This picture shows the design of Park Gate, which encompasses three pairs of beautiful towers opposite each other connected by a covering of hanging gardens at the top which gives a cool atmosphere under it.

Designed by the Chicago-based architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill this sustainable green project is worth $95 billion. This project has been designed to accommodate offices, homes, business establishments, amusement parks any many more. These green buildings are environment conservative in more than one ways. 1 Park Avenue, an 1800 foot tower with its solar panels and wind turbines waiting to utilize the renewable power of the natural resources.� 1 Dubai stands as the third structure tower in UAE, with its 3 soaring towers measuring 3281 feet in height, connected by glass suspension sky bridges.

This beautiful all-purpose eco-project will take another decade to complete. This beautiful city in the city establishment of Dubai, with its three super-structures is going to be an eye-catching wonder for the tourists and a motivating idea to the Eco-friendly architects.

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