Friday, March 27, 2009

Street Lamps Run on Drained Batteries

South Korean designer Sung Woo Park’s Energy Seed is a smart street lamp powered entirely by low-life batteries. Community members drop their discarded batteries into Energy Seed’s disposal holes, making these batteries stacked up together. The drained batteries become a chain of combined energy that gives long-lasting supply of power to the LED lamps.

The Energy Seed is a timely project that is a showcase of energy conservation, recycling trash, and even social concern for public safety. Community members are encouraged to recycle, electrical power is generated sustain ably, and pedestrians get their much-needed light on sidewalks at night. It is also all about saving energy. Above all, it is a smart concept for a smart product.
The Energy Seed is truly a product that will fly after it passes from the present concept stage to mass production. It can also be a complete community project. Members of the community can pool together their drained batteries, assign some member to drop these batteries into the lamps’ disposal holes, and further assign some more to collect the totally used-up batteries and dispose of them safely. And this product is very conceptual and based on latest technology, actually usable technology is based on South Korean and usable part of body is very reliable.

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