Friday, April 3, 2009

Bubbletecture Environment Circle with living space

The fundamental concept behind this design ‘bubbletecture’ is very eco friendly concept of ‘circulation.’ And consign is found in Hyogo and Japan and the unique architectural part is a showcase of the melding of function and maximum utilize of accessible topography. The uneven land terrain was not altered. The limited flat land was utilized. The design keeps natural landform intact. The mission was not to let construction alter the natural environment. All this is the triumph of the Shuhei Endo Architect Institute that was established in 1988.

Japanese cypress thinning wood logs were used to regulate CO2 emission. Steel boards were utilized to minimize further rusting. A roof and a wall were greened with the application of water-retentive moss for moisture. The architectural materials used are natural and environmental, as well as bearing the characteristic of being maintenance-free.

The part of the structure touching the ground is strengthened with an underground beam, while the part that floats from the ground uses a steel frame. Part of the building frame is also used as a water tank for purposes of fire prevention. The single-layered three-dimensional truss structure is made out of Japanese cedar thinning wood log. The flatland areas and the more uneven topography all have trusses made of this wood. Via

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