Friday, April 24, 2009

Eco News: India Gets Green Ideas for Cars

After basking in the glory of appreciation and excited apprehension touted as the World’s cheapest car that makes way for green Eco brand Oreva. This new e-car is a part of the rich Ajanta group legacy who has been giving India affordable electric scooters and bikes over the past so many years.

Plans are to roll out Eco product Oreva from the Ajanta plant in Gujarat just though the mother company is careful not to divulge too many details, the national rep of the car did say that this green wonder would be able to cover 200-250 kilometers in a single charge.

Claiming to have no competition with Nano in the makers of Eco product Oreva call their move to manufacture the car an obvious one. They call it their future product. The R&D is on and looks like Eco product Oreva will have a completely India made battery.

The non-AC demo e-car, manufactured at the company’s Samakhiyali unit in Kutch district and where the Eco product Oreva e-bike is also made, is likely to be priced between Rs 85,000 and Rs 1, 00,000. People are already excited’s about the great pricing which apparently is lesser than Nano’s rate. The economic benefits from Eco product Oreva are obvious but the car is also a sign of how energy preservation is becoming an agenda for more and more countries like India.

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