Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who Wooden Want This Eco Phone!

I have always had a special liking for modern furniture and accessories and mainly because they reduce the clutter in one’s house and give you enough breathing space and yet adding its signature style and elegance to the decor.

Perhaps that is why I was delighted to see the new PAPPA Eco Phone launched by HULGER recently and they say it is world’s first wooden VOIP Eco phone and is priced at a neat 300 dollars. Crafted by hand from a single piece of American walnut and Eco the phone is a beauty that is an aspect further accentuated by solid brass from ‘I like its design’ studio in Montreal.

The eco-friendly look is supported by an updated technology. Yes PAPPA Eco Phone is USB based and can work with Mac and PC computers. One can also find the plug-and-play feature in it that can be which makes it compatible with services like Skype, ICHAT and Yahoo.Via
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