Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smart Edi10on: A Smart Urban Commuter for Cleaner Roads

Smart is one company that is relatively new in the world of Eco automobiles and is only now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Now that is a very young age for a car making company and it is almost akin to an infant still in his first year. Then how is that Smart Eco is this awesome and fancy with its work and so confident about its market? For those still wondering and smart Eco is a joint venture of Swatch and Mercedes. That is quite simply a phenomenal combination and ensures that there is neither in shortage of funds or skill or even technical support.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary Swatch has released a Limited Edition Eco car that it quite aptly calls the Smart Eco Edi10n and the car is a perfect urban commuter in every sense of the world. Style and Eco automobile finesse aside and Smart is a diesel-powered vehicle for two. Before you even shout about how it still spills out fumes and is not good for the planet. This saves on space, energy while engineering the car and putting it together, fuel consumption and costs.

With most urban commuters using Eco cars either all on there own or just for a couple and it is time every carmaker starting making this ’smart’ choice. While it might not be appealing for all and it does its job to perfection and saves the roads from plenty of messy jams and fumes. The rest of the Eco car is simple impeccable with world-class interiors are the top-notch styling and great Eco design. It comes with the 0.8-cdi engines or the 1.0-liter 84hp gasoline engine and is priced at €16,850 - €19,790. Via


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