Monday, May 18, 2009

Sporting Green: Garden House with Mini Golf on the Roof!

This is one house that I would really love to own as it seems to combine two of my passions with elegant ease. The Garden House is a perfect combination of green environment with sports and when I say I mean a lot more than the boring indoor sports. The Garden House has a roof that is covered by a green blanket and it is not just for the look of it. The green top acts as a mini-golf course and you can have loads of fun and fine tune your shots and angles on your own terrace now.

Designed by ADD+ architecture and the Garden House is a good example of designer houses. The project is designed to be located in the city of IGULADA while overlooking the overall landscape. The big glasses all over the house ensure that the house does not have dearth of light and air. The house overall is supported on steel tubes and is quite strong in holding the whole house. Also the interiors are done very aesthetically with wooden flooring taking the overall feel to a new level.

The house is designed to be a beautiful green home and while I really like sports beyond golf and would probably prefer a soccer pitch on top of my roof, I’m pretty sure the folks at ADD + architecture would manage to do that with ease. The house is an example of how green architecture can still produce super cool homes with innovative new concepts that are fun and useful. Via


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