Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mazda KIYORA ECO Concept

Water is indeed inspirational and one trip to the beach will surely inspire you to follow the waves and while Mazda Eco concept have tried to emulate the wind and sand in car designs earlier and their attempt at giving solid shape to water seems to have come off much better. The KIYORA Eco Concept of Mazda is a futuristic Eco car that is inspired by water and one look at the car clears any further doubts on that and design of the Eco car along with the pattern on the glass are mesmerizing.

And this KIYORA Eco concept design and next-generation four-cylinder direct-injection engine contributes to excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. The new Mazda KIYORA Eco concept car is based on an all-new platform designed to minimize weight and maximize safety and driving pleasure.

It also features an interior design and new functions that support a youthful lifestyle and it seems that this clean Eco car from Mazda with better efficiency and cleaner exhaust will really steal the show when the Paris Motor Show Kicks off. Via


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