Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ride 50 Miles Over Dynamic Solar Bike

It’s time to see young and innovative minds approaching the world with their fresh and youthful initiatives. Now lately in the turf of solar powered vehicles a further name, which is going to be impressed, is of University of Iowa Solar Club as the students of university has remarkably instigated an energy efficient solar bike on the roads.

This Eco friendly pollution free bike designed by a collegiate group comprising ten to twenty students can actually revolutionize the whole world of city bikes as of its superb green eminence. The only disheartening facet of this bike is its slow and sluggish speed which comes up to be somewhere around 50 mph only. In today’s viable and hasty world such a lethargic vehicle would not be able to survive for a long time until or unless some relevant perfection is attained in its speed front.

Under the headship of Daniel Rogge, an industrial engineer and the group deems to achieve the target speed of 62 mph in imminent future. Although this newly commenced solar innovation exhibited in yellow color appears to be a weird creation yet it would be barely defied by anyone in this young and modernized horde. Via


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