Friday, May 1, 2009

In Germany comes a wind farm to produce hydrogen

There is great turmoil in Germany as regards energy Eco Concept renovated. In Berlin was presented a project for the construction of a wind farm to produce hydrogen electricity that will become operational in two years and for the implementation is expected to cost around two million euros.

The objective in the near future is to sell hydrogen in the city and to achieve this goal we are working on two lines project is a service station to be built on the spot and a means to accumulate the hydrogen produced and transported to Berlin to the various distributors. The hydrogen made from clean energy such as wind power is an element on which the city of Berlin and Germany in general are working in alternative energies.

In the German city already circulating 14 hydrogen-powered buses and the objective is to bring the bus fleet to 40 cars more in the coming years.

At the time the problems associated with the development of this political economy is tied to the cost of the energy carrier and as well as the presence of non-capillary service stations and distribute it to a policy of incentives and choices it really favors.

Throughout Germany there are about 21 stations that distribute hydrogen, made from industrial waste, but other stations is achieved in part by renewable energy and partly by gas resources. In Germany the policy of dissemination of hydrogen are quite serious and major car makers, including BMW, especially, watching with interest the evolution of the situation?

It provides in the coming years, availability of funds for pilot projects aimed at producing hydrogen from green energy of 1.4 billion euros for half coming from public funds and half by industry funding.

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