Friday, June 12, 2009

Eco Green Cycler: Ingenious Waste Food Therapy

In one way or another we all ought to be conscious of the verity that the oodles of food items which are getting wasted today would actually roll out to be a giant impasse for us in imminent future. Subsequently in order to isolate generations from this grim trouble an Eco canvasser named Sang HOON Lee has come out with a most up-to-date technique identified as “Green Cycler.” By means of this ambiance friendly modernism, we can essentially confer an amazing green treatment to spoiled and misused foodstuff since this instigated Eco mechanism would effectively putrefy frittered away food into valuable fertilizer for the plants.

This structure is aptly named as Green Cycler as it would help purge out the exasperating spoiled food stink away from the surrounds. Likewise it would be of splendid support in rapid growth of plant as of the nutrients offered to it by the decomposed food turned stimulant matter. Besides this the plant’s “going to be ready status” in this Green Cycler is exhibited by a downward going light beam.

Hence, undeniably this green concept would authentically sort out the food waste dilemma in a very short cross of time. Via


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