Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toshiba High on Methanol Powered Eco Fuel Cells

We had been hearing of it unofficially for some time now, but finally Toshiba has come out with the actual schedule of the Eco fuel cell-powered mobile devices. Releasing in March 2009, the new mobile Eco devices will be equipped with a methanol Eco fuel cell that gets charged with a dedicated cartridge. However, there will be a second built-in-Li-ion battery that will provide a strong back up.

Hear the cartridge can make space for around 50 ml of 99 per cent methanol which can charge a Eco mobile phone 10 times. Priced at 700 yen, the cartridge has already become hot property but Toshiba is planning to reduce the cost price further down to 100 yen. A wise move as it will increase saleability manifolds.

The big Toshiba plan is to use these Eco fuel cells in DIGI cams, LAPPY etc as well and the best part is a cartridge being designed will be of a single type and will be compatible with many Eco devices. Via


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