Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OKOOKO Float: A Green Cradle Takes You on a Voyage through Dreams

I always wanted my bedroom (which happens to be my favorite place) to look like the one I saw in the fairytales. I always wondered if I would ever find a bed like the one on which Sleeping Beauty slumbered for years. Well, I’m happy I finally found one. Float, a cute green bed crafted from the sustainable, water-resistant TOTARA wood with base and canopy enclosed in acrylic fabric finished in Teflon fascinated me.

This Eco-friendly bed designed by a sailor-designer David TRUBRIDGE for a New Zealand based company OKOOKO, was voted ‘The Best Piece of Bedroom Furniture’ and costs $25,000. This gorgeous cradle brings forth a stunning fusion of style and comfort reflecting the sailor’s experiences on his voyages through the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Though highly priced, I would certainly want it to be mine and I’m sure many of you feel like I do. So, if you are looking for a bed that can give you a voyage through dreams don’t forget to check this one out. It’s beautiful, green and will give you what you want.

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