Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jarst Composter: Stylish and Sleek Composter for Home-Grown Nutrition

There is a very special attachment between those who live in the urban jungle and the greenery that is scant around them. There are two vividly different sets of people who have contrasting approach towards green landscape. The vast majority either just does not care about plants and shrubs or if taking a walk playful engage in a bit of destruction by ripping off a branch or clipping away a few twigs of leaves. But there are others who take great care of the little greenery they can fit into their own balcony and corners of the living room. Here is a perfect gift for all of them.

The Mini Jarst Composter designed by Leonardo Fortino and Andrea Bartolucci is ideal for the modern home with its simple and ergonomic design. The composter has a seal drum and cap inside the pot, where all your organic waste can go. Just wait for another five to six months and you will have fertile organic compost for your cute little shrub. This might appear small but is really very useful in dealing with organic waste. Via

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