Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Future is here: Philips Brings Stunning Green Magic to give you a space-age Kitchen!

This is exactly why Philips is rated so highly despite all the competition that it has across the board over the past few years. While we hate to sound like we are campaigning for someone, this Philips Concept Kitchen of the future is a must-have to everyone who loves to take their home to the next level. So if you want to buy this, start saving up some serious cash and if you think you really cannot afford this, then make sure you keep your wife away from getting a peak at it. The Green Cuisine kitchen from Philips allows you to take energy saving to a whole new plane with its futuristic look and technology that matches the ergonomics.

The kitchen is completely green with eco-friendly features galore. The central table can be used as a stove at any point as its smart technology detects a pan or other cooking utensils apart from your own hand. So, just place the pan at any spot and it will do the rest for you. The settings can be adjusted with an energy-conscious yet stylishly crafted LED panel. Water wastage is reduced by selecting the temperature they need to be at when they come out of the tap. You can a so cool your drinks on the central table with a whole different setting for cooling purposes!

The touch-sensitive pads, the LED panels and the energy-conscious heating systems along with beautifully crafted design and sleek ergonomics make this the dream kitchen of the future. You could bet Monica Galler would be going nuts about it! But you will have to still wait for 3-5 years for this to really materialize into a consumer product. Yup, that’s a long wait indeed. Via

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