Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Raser Technologies Gives Utah a New Geothermal Plant to Power Homes

The enormous energy stored in the Earth’s interior will now power over one-third homes in Utah. Raser Technologies has finally announced the completion of the first geothermal plant in Utah over 20 years. Built over the countries largest geothermal hotbeds that have been exposed since the past 25 years, this project took just 6 months to complete.

Where the conventional plants would take five to six years to reach completion, Raser technologies was quick enough to finish this zero-emission power plant using its proprietary technology. The 10MW power plant which uses a new low temperature technology devised by UTC Power would start functioning before 2009.

With Raser finishing an efficient power plant in such short time, we can expect similar plants coming up at the same site in the near future. I think very soon Utah will get all its power from these renewable geothermal power plants. Via

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