Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chlorophyll Organic Battery Can Use Any Liquid

In a quest to find alternative sources of energy, researchers have continued their efforts in and out of laboratories and nothing concrete has come out yet. Though there are many alternate sources of energy, they are expensive, unmanageable, or simply not friendly enough for lay users to use, to charge small gadgets. Now, a researcher and professor from Taiwan have claimed to create the world’s first chlorophyll organic battery. Though it’s not clear how the battery works, Chungpin Hovering Liao claims that it can practically use any liquid to generate charge and that within just 10 seconds. Even urine could be used, says he. Apparently, the storage capacity is a lot more than traditional water-powered fuel cells and consumes very little power. It would also cost only 3 to 6 cents to manufacture one biodegradable unit. The fact that the battery is biodegradable makes it more environmentally friendly. It would be interesting to see if his claims can be substantiated with batteries that can truly use any liquid and help people charge their gadgets. If so, I must say this is a brilliant invention. Via

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