Friday, March 13, 2009

Atkins’ Anar Towers to Embellish Dubai Skyline

Dubai, the land of fascinating skyscrapers will decorate its skies with its avant-garde Anar Towers very soon. The British company Atkins, which had in the past given Dubai other such beautiful buildings like Iris Bay will be the creator of this huge mixed-use project.

This 125 story building will house every thing from offices, shops, around 300 apartments, a lavish hotel with 250 rooms and like all this was not enough, it also has an art gallery which will conduct exhibitions and auctions. Sounds amazing! The building will have an empty circle at the top which will allow you to get pleasure from the panoramic view of the city. Apart from the sky gardens every 27 floors, each apartment will have an exclusive elevator and a private swimming pool, and are expected to be the most expensive in Dubai.

Though the building claims to be green, how thoughtful is it to give it that name? Especially, considering the amount of water the 300 swimming pools would need and the amount of power this giant building would consume. Whether Anar Towers will be able to satisfy its enormous energy demands in an eco-friendly way is for us to wait and watch. Via

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