Friday, March 20, 2009

Blu Homes Build Sustainable, Convenient and Inexpensive Green Abodes

Looking for a green home that is both affordable and seems perfect for you? Blu Homes is planning such adobe at Colorado and Utah where the costs of other homes are nearly 50-70% higher. Ever since the company decided to build sustainable and comfortable homes, it has been working on the designs and the cost factor to make them reasonably priced. These homes look contemporary, provide enough space and are eco-friendly. The blue-prints of these homes have been released.

The houses planned at Utah measure 800 square feet in area and if this in any way sounds smaller, don’t get disheartened because the area will double after the basement is put in. Estimated to cost $150,000 these homes require an easy foundation, easier to build and finish. Furnished with wooden cupboards, tiled restrooms and low windows that give good ventilation, these homes also have spray foam insulation and a furnace, so that the inhabitants need to spend a lot less on such utilities. In addition, these are provided with an upgraded full ICF basement, bamboo flooring and are built using recycled concrete.

The homes at Colorado are spacey compared to ones at Utah with an area of 1700 sft, priced at $250,000 (land value not included) and differ in the basement. Beautifully designed to accommodate a modern family, these homes tend to the tastes and economy of people and will sure find many occupants. Via

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