Monday, March 16, 2009

Pelamis Wave Power Introduces a New Renewable Energy Source to the World

The beauty of the waves is admired by every person who goes to a beach, but none of us ever thought of the marvels these waves can perform. There is probably tons of energy stored in them (estimated to be 2 Terawatts of power). Portugal’s Pelamis Wave Power has recently introduced this renewable source to the world through the first ever wave farm in Agucadoura.

This project which was started last year and the first phase with 3 machines is functioning now. Very soon the second phase will also start with 25 such machines and then the farm will be able to provide electricity to over 15,000 homes. The converters are huge in size and have a power of 2.25MW. These devices are attached to the ocean floor by cables and lie at right angles to the coast line. These under water cables transmit the electrical energy produced from high pressure fluid pumped through the motors against resistance given by the hydraulic rams when waves pass over them to the land. Thus, the power of the waves determines the amount of energy generated.

The United States for example has 1TW capacity of power hidden in the waves off it’s coast, and can use it light up many homes in the country. This new found Eco-friendly source of energy has a long way to go and will surely impress environmentalists with its capability.


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