Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sewage-Powered Hydrogen Fuel for a Cleaner Tomorrow!

What you might be flushing down the toilet could be the material that would power your car or even your home in the near future. Surprised or maybe you just think that we have lost it and are going plain crazy! Well, If Oregon State University College of Engineering has its way then very soon every sewage plant across the world can also open its own Hydrogen fuel supply chain. Just imagine the day big firms and multi-million dollar corporate houses would be fighting over sewage rights… Truly, stuff tailor-made for a reality television show.

But in all seriousness, Oregon State University College of Engineering has found a new way to clean up water and get energy from it. The new technology purifies water using natural microorganisms and in the process produces Hydrogen. A prototype plant is already being set up in Oregon as we speak. The technology saves 75% of energy involved in purification of water using the current method. It also produces Hydrogen equivalent of $2-$3 per gasoline and that meets the target set by US Department of Energy.

The new technology could really transform the way we look at treating sewage water and could transform the fuel market very soon. Via

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