Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eco-friendly Houseboats with a Contemporary Touch by Spring 2009

Germany will see a new fleet of modern green houseboats this spring. Schwimmhaus was designed by a company called confusion-direction. Who wouldn’t want to live in an attractive home in the middle of water at a price that is less compared to a house on land? The pictures just show the model of these homes.

Measuring 14m in length, 4m in height and 3m in breadth, Schwimmhaus looks roomy enough for a couple to stay. The boathouse has four rooms- a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and also a living room. Over this, the house seems eco-conscious with a green roof and zero-emission. The house is made out of recycled wood from an old farm barn.

Though these boathouses look modern and beautiful, I feel that they wouldn’t be suitable for permanent dwelling. They would be too small for even a family of four to live. They don’t even seem to have a renewable energy source to provide power. Schwimmhaus will be fun when we are on a holiday, but to live here daily, would be boring and uncomfortable. Via

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