Sunday, March 22, 2009

Greenhouse Rooftops in Spain Responsible for Reducing Local Temperature!

Sometimes the most complicated of problems can have simple solution that are easy to apply and really do not cost a fortune. So instead of trying to suck out Carbon Emissions from the atmosphere using giants suction pumps are digging holes in the ocean floor, it would be far more beneficial if you just painted your rooftops white with a good reflective material. If the Spanish region of Almeria has truly dropped its average temperature by 0.3 degrees per decade in the last two decades as the scientists claim, then we might all soon be forced to paint our own rooftops with radiation reflective material.

Almeria in Southeastern part of Spain is home to the largest collection of Greenhouses in the world and this region apparently has experienced a cooling effect because of the structures. While since 1983, the average temperature of Spain has gone up by 0.5 degree, Almeria has only got cooler. Scientists have concluded that the reflective rooftops of the region are responsible for this phenomenon. They claim that if everyone across the world painted their own roofs in a similar fashion then the world would be a lot cooler place and that too without spending too much. Now, that should not be much of a problem, should it? Via

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