Sunday, March 8, 2009

Futuristic Power Generating Photovoltaic Glass Windows via RSi

After an array of solar windows flourished in the solar market, new transparent photovoltaic-glass windows from Rainbow Solar are here to make their mark. In a recent study done by the NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), the windows have proven their efficiency through energy savings of about 50%. Now, that seems a practical option!

The new building-integrated photovoltaics generate 80 to 250 watts of electricity and have classy add-ons like a new technology that converts windows into light panels and an in-built electrical privacy curtain. This new technology, which the RSi claims, would one day eliminate the need for electrical power plants has a life span of 55 years.

I agree that these window panels are different from the previous ones, but I feel it is still too quick for the company to make such statements regarding its competence. However, if they click, the buildings would soon be able to generate their own electricity without the power grid. Via

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