Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eco Design: Building Excitement

One of San Francisco’s most exciting green projects, the construction of the new California Academy of Sciences building, has finally come alive. Designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano in collaboration with engineer Rana Creek and the Eco building is topped by an undulating and functional and HUGE living green roof of 2.5 acre. Not only does this roof provide all the sustainable benefits that living roofs bring to a Eco structure, but it is also visible from within the exhibition spaces are connecting inside and out and engaging the context of San Francisco’s flora-filled backdrop.

All set to open to the visitors from 27th September in this new Academy Eco Building houses an aquarium, planetarium, and exhibition spaces. Aside from its green roof and the Eco building is a feat of institutional green building that can be using some of the most cutting-edge energy efficiency strategies, delighting and water reclamation.

The architectural Eco design of the new Academy responds to the Academy’s mission, history and setting. Inspired by the natural world are nature becomes part of the building itself. Its taken ten years and great vision to unify the Academy twelve Eco buildings into one notable structure are standing in the middle of the city Golden Gate Park.

With 60,000 photo-voltaic cells covering a glass canopy that frames it, the 410,000 sq ft compound involved a cost of US$500 million. See it ones and you would acknowledge and that it’s WORTH IT!!



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