Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kamen Says That You Can Drink Pee

You can turn pee into water with a special kind of machine. As insane as it sounds, the trick has been performed by inventor Dean Kamen. Already a big name in the world of water filtration, Kamen has again gathered a lot of attention thanks to the Slingshot machine he has created.

Running on cow poo, the Slingshot is a filtration system that can turn any water-containing liquid, yes please read pee, into drinking water. The ideation is simple. Vapor compression distillation enables this little wonder to convert all kinds of liquid, from sea water to puddles, into clean and distilled water. It does not need a filter and since it can run only on cow dung, it can easily be installed in developing countries and many rural areas.

Kamen also gives a free gift with the Slingshot, electricity. Yep, the machine also generates electricity as a by-product. Cool, two benefits from one fully Eco-friendly machine. Do check out Kamen’s video on the Colbert Report. And this product is very luxury and Eco friendly product and this latest advance based Eco design product is not more expensive, but whole part of body and working process is very cool and more advance, I love this product. Via

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