Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gas Cost in Sardinia

There is much talk these days of the issue relating to high energy costs compared to European standards to which the Italians are forced to cope. In this regard it is interesting to note that, even among the regions of our country, there is a marked difference to support these costs. The reason for this of the market is basically due to two factors: the absence of a distribution network of natural gas on the island and the presence of a few companies to monopolize the fact, when only gas available in ' island. In recent years the price of gas cylinders is increased in an exponential equation and the other one, so why the same companies ended up in the viewfinder Antitrust who, after buying the gas were employed to store and distribute it. The Antitrust essentially launched an investigation on 24 April 2008 to verify the existence of an agreement restricts competition in the LPG cylinder in Sardinia. Via

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