Monday, March 2, 2009

Hydrogen to increase the efficiency of solar cells

Hydrogen to increase the efficiency of solar cells this is a treated several times for new studies capable of making more efficient solar cells. In this respect it seems to me interesting to point out a new project is particularly curious. The research in question has as its objective the development of a spray that would be able to significantly increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels and therefore make them more affordable and competitive in the market. Currently, researchers do not have bodies revealed what will be increased efficiency, but they are limited to stress that the study will focus on developing a system which will spray a film of hydrogen and a non-reflective material on panels. The estimated cost for research will be 1.85 million dollars and the company Spark Solar Australia already plans to produce, by 2010, eight million of solar cells with this new system, which, according to estimates of the data processors, will be enough to power 10,000 homes in Australia and create over 100 jobs. Via

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