Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nuclear power plants in Sicily? Only after a referendum

A big supporter of building a nuclear power plant in Sicily is Minister of Environment, who had just promised that within 5 years if they would be built probably around Syracuse.

To find out what the official position of the region, after the Environmental Energy Plan, adopted February 3 opens a possibility to nuclear I spoke with the press of Lombardo, President of the Region, which stated that:

According to the EP, you can build a nuclear power plant in Sicily, provided that they meet three requirements:
1) If the Sicilian express their consent a referendum;
2) If the building it from a cost / benefit analysis;
3) If there is a power of last generation and absolutely safe;

Also clarifies that the information in the press releases at this time, concerning the fact that nuclear power may arise in the province of Augusta are part of an argument on any possibility. In fact, said that certainly if you go to a building will be taken into account ex-industrial sites or in the process of dismantling and re-clear by the nuclear industry.

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