Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Germany: The lighting is required (but it?)

I received a press release that advertises a service called Dial4light. In practice, says the press release, you can have a home automation service, targeted at government and private and used by people who used to turn on and off the lamps that illuminate the streets by a call by phone. The service costs 3.5 euros per 15 minutes. And as an example of public management through the call on my phone it mentions the small town of inhabited from 900 souls, 189 souls, was one of the people to realize the service that allows you to switch lamps Public for 15 minutes, using just the phone, to Instead, you pay 3.5 euro per hour and two hours costing twice. The problem is that Dial4light uses a 6-digit code, a kind of password, which serves to identify the road to be lit and if one does not know him you should bring, in the dark, with a pile of light, off, find it and ask the automated voice service switching.

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