Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clarification on nuclear power and refedendum 1987

Anytime you hear talk of nuclear power in Italy, it is obvious to think of the referendum of 1987. The question that everyone is always doing the usual: "How is it possible that the Italian people voted against nuclear energy, and today is the proposed opening of new power plants?". We believe that each of us has an answer to this question. In any case, to provide a concrete basis for discussion, let us do some 'clarity without considering the merits of the "taste" or "wrong." As surely you know, the referendum of 1987 was a repeal. The Courier today shows the three clerks:

1 - It was requested the abolition of the State if a municipality had not granted a site for the initiation of a nuclear power plant in its territory. Yes I won with 80, 6%.
2 - It was requested the removal of state subsidies for local governments because of the presence on their territories of nuclear power. I mean s'imposer with 79.7%.
3 - It was requested the repeal of the possibility for Enel to participate abroad in building nuclear power plants. Yes I got the 71.9%.

As reported on Italians in a reply to an email:

1 - By law, the results of the referendum are binding, but for the duration of the constitutional experts are divided.
2 - It is not true that the referendum of 1987 made it illegal repeal or nuclear power.

That said, there is important that all express its opinion on concrete bases, without falling into easy game "against all" or "all-pro". To you the word. Read more

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