Thursday, February 26, 2009

Puglia and Tuscany say no to nuclear power

After the Piedmont is also and Puglia and do not know what they want on their territory to be installed nuclear power. Said President of the Land and Environment of the Regional Council:

The government knows that Tuscany does not provide for the installation of power in the region that uses atomic energy. Our energy future is not built bringing to life the most dangerous dinosaurs, but with an industrial policy and employment centered on the massive use of renewables and the diversification of supply sources, with methane in a fuel transition. For this reason, the Tuscany, with its Energy Plan, gives a clear No to any location on our territory. A Chernobyl twenty years from any of the problems of that time was minimally resolved by the disposal of radioactive waste to the facility security and high costs that make it unacceptable and have also pushed the United States of Obama to do without it and to focus strongly on 'wind and solar.

Michele Alderman ecology of the region Puglia says:

Puglia has stated in its Environmental Energy Plan by notifying the incompatibility of the nuclear source with the choices that carries energy. The decisions taken by the Council President will not, therefore we neither consent nor acquiescence Regionale the institution, especially since Italy already produces a considerable amount of energy, more than 8,000 MW, which makes available to the country for 88% and that is destined to grow in the coming months. Rather the government should not penalize us by stopping the electricity tariff, as it has done in law leading to the short maturity of one year a certain increase of 30% of the electricity bill for citizens and businesses of Southern compared to a corresponding decrease of the same for the north. As you can see so much energy producing and making it available not only in Italy does not benefit, but does not absolve us from the penalty imposed by the center-right government. Via


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