Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mercedes Bresso

I received a release from the Piedmont Region, which says that they are not available to host a nuclear power. Writes the President Mercedes:

We do not want nuclear power in Piedmont. In a national energy worrying about cultures, the government declares its intention to build 4 nuclear power generation with France in joint design. Piedmont there is strong and maintains its proposal to invest in renewable energy sources to support the development, boost the economy, reduce consumption, protect the environment. Today, in fact, as demonstrated by the choices made by all countries in the developed world, which reduce the research and develop nuclear and renewable energy, the solutions are another. Our no, the stress, also affects the economic scenario, not just the environment. Piedmont began this journey a year ago, producing job opportunities and improving the quality of our territory.

It would seem not, in fact, adds Andrea, regional energy that at this point should be remade for a referendum to know the will of the Italians: After skipping the statement.

The country has already expressed through a referendum: we would like to understand the Premier and the Minister how the Government intends to circumvent the results of a referendum. We should return to consult the public to know if they have changed their minds or at least open a major debate in the country. Regarding the site of three, we remain firm on the views previously expressed.

Nicola Ruggiero concludes Regional environment:

I think before you speak of a new era in nuclear power, which we consider obsolete, dangerous and unacceptable, it is appropriate for the Piedmont is finally released from radioactive waste, which still in its territory. Piedmont has so far paid a price salatissimo.

Piedmont has been investing in clean energy over 300 million euros until 2013.

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