Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flexibility and Transparency Take Silicon Solar Cells to a New Level

This could be a breakthrough in technology and researchers in the US of A have come up with a method that will give flexibility and transparency to efficient silicon-based solar cells. So much so that they can actually be wrapped around a pencil as well as used to tint windows on buildings and cars. The technique involves processing silicon by slicing its brittle wafers into ultra thin layers and then transferring them onto a flexible surface. We have seen how the popularity of solar cells has increased many folds with the energy crisis cornering America. More and more people are willing to utilize the sun’s energy over oil.

Companies like Sharp Corp are already manufacturing thin-film solar cells but they are a little less efficient because of their rigidity. With the new breakthrough flexibility, solar cells can be easily transported. License for the technology has been given to a new company called SEMPRIUS Inc in Durham, North Carolina.

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