Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turtuga Blanku’s Solar Tunes Are Ready To Woo Us All

Believe it or not but even music can be Eco-friendly. I am not just talking about the green lyrics but the production bit as well. Caribbean musician Turtuga Blanku creates music that is powered by the sun.

The studio that he records his blend of rock, reggae and pop is called the Green Machine and is lined with strong photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb solar energy during the day in a battery such that the studio can utilize them at night. Plus Blanku keeps the recording process very simple to make it solar power friendly. He used recording hardware only for drums, bass, guitar, piano and voice keeping the rest for software, also instrument overload is avoided. And we thought Cloud Cult had given us the greenest music.

Hats off to Blanku for giving us a rare bare music in times when digital studio experimenting is a huge fad. And must we add Blanku’s music is good what with his strong focus on well-developed guitar hooks, rhythms and beautiful piano melodies.

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