Sunday, April 12, 2009

Starbucks In Utter Water Waste

Green activists have taken up cudgels against Starbucks now. The coffee-giant that boasted of Eco-friendly credentials came under the scanner when investigations by Sun revealed that everyday 23.4m liters of water goes down the drains of 10,000 outlets worldwide due to a company policy that tells the employees to keep the tap running non-stop. Facts show that this much water is enough for the 2 million population of the drough-ridden Namibia to survive for a day.

Actually every Starbucks outlet is equipped with a cold tap behind the counter that trails down into a sink which they like to call “dipper well”. It is here that the utensils are washed. And as per the company’s health and safety rules, staff is especially asked not to turn the water off as they believe that a constant flow of water prevents the breeding of germs in taps.

Water companies as well as the green experts regard the wasting of water for hygiene as nonsense. It is a crazy to do indeed, considering the problems the world is facing with the shortage of this vital natural resource. Australia is suffering the worst drought in a century for over seven years now.Via

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