Saturday, April 11, 2009

Imagine Ice Cream Made From Human Breast Milk

PETA’s demand for replacing cow milk by human breast milk just went a step further. The animal loving organization sent a letter to the management of famous ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s urging them to do a big favor to cows and customers by switching to breast milk.

The inspiration to bring breast milk to your plate came to PETA from the Swiss Storchen Restaurant. Apparently, the owner of the restaurant, Hans Lochen, has come up with a menu made from human breast milk. He has developed some recipes out of experimenting with his wife’s breast milk. Lochen was extremely excited about bringing a new milk revolution when the authorities intervened and disapproved his plan. The restaurateur had placed ads for human donors, I like this eco product because first a fall this product is not more expensive and related from environment I mean this milk production is based on climate, and this is an eco friendly product.

This is just the beginning of yet another PETA battle. Experts find the practice unethical because if breast milk is used instead of cow milk, mothers might start putting profit before the needs of their babies.

Hmmm….quite an interesting POV…will it be us, the humans over animals or the other way around? Via

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